Course Description

Have you heard about Cannabis being used for wellness but can't imagine how it might work for you?

You're curious and you've heard incredible things, but how can one possibly use Cannabis without becoming a pot-head?

I understand where you're coming from.

I began using Cannabis for wellness several years ago and it literally changed my life!

Instead of being home-bound in excruciating pain with overwhelming side-effects, I'm an active restaurant owner, Cannabis consultant, and lively participant in my family and community.

But it wasn't an overnight process.

I had to fight to get the medicine and access to quality information I needed to get to where I am today.

My goal with this course is to save you that time, energy, and risk so you can decide if Cannabis is a viable option for you or your loved one.

Not only that, though...

I know how tough it is to determine what's reliable information out there and what is not. Unfortunately, the Cannabis business is full of schemes and scammers, trying to scare you into giving them your money.

In my past life - before becoming a legal Cannabis chef, grower, and consultant - I was a compliance investigator with a large State department.

I spent all of my time looking at, evaluating, and then enforcing codes and laws designed to protect people being served by the State.

I took my job very seriously and always considered myself a staunch advocate of the people I spoke on behalf of.

Now, the people I fight for are those whose lives are being changed by Cannabis.

I'm here to educate, inspire, inform, and advocate and I do it because I LOVE to see people regaining health and wellness while they still have time to enjoy them.

I'm also very critical of information and do thorough research on anything I share with you to ensure that you only ever get credible information from me.

That's how you can rest assured you'll get reliable answers to all your most frequently asked questions like:

  • How can I use Cannabis without getting 'high'?
  • How can I use Cannabis without smoking?
  • How is Cannabis being used for wellness successfully by others?
  • How might Cannabis help me personally?
  • What would be the right types of Cannabis for my needs?
  • What's the difference between CBD and THC? Hemp and Marijuana?
  • Where do I even start on this process?
  • Should I talk to my medical professionals about Cannabis?
  • And much, much more.

In my consulting practice, I charge $300 for an hour of my time to answer these questions because it's so valuable to the people I consult with. Their small investment with me ends up saving them not only $1,000's of dollars, but countless nights of good sleep and well days.

In that hour, I can cover maybe a quarter of the information I've covered in here for you today.

Granted, I love sitting across the table and sharing a coffee with someone, but it's just too hard to fit everyone into my already busy schedule.

That's why I made this course.

I needed to share this knowledge with as many people as I could but still ensure the information they were getting was reliable.

I needed to fulfill my calling to help people find healing and wellness with Cannabis in safe, effective ways.

One of the big promises I'll give you in this course is that I'll be available to help you along your journey (no question is stupid!) and I'll give you way more value than you expect.

This course is a no-brainer if you or anyone you love is a possible candidate for Cannabis for wellness.

Cannabis Consultant

Laura Mastropietro

I'm a Cannabis consultant who helps people that want information about Cannabis as a medical health option but don't know who to ask or where to start. Prior to my career as a legal Cannabis chef and co-op grower in Arizona, I worked in human services as a compliance investigator. Now, I offer confidential expert answers that are tailored to each personal situation and my passion lies in helping people find wellness. Featured in 'Cannabis Saved my Life, Stories of Hope and Healing' by Elizabeth Limbach

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Your Instructor

    • Intro to Laura Mastropietro and Pot of Wellness

    • Laura's Journey with Cannabis

    • Could Cannabis Be Right for You?

    • Consumption - Miscellaneous

  • 2

    An Abbreviated History of Cannabis

    • An Abbreviated History of Cannabis

    • The worst PR

  • 3

    What is What?

    • CBD vs. THC

    • Hemp vs. Medical Cannabis

    • Indica vs. Sativa

  • 4

    Consumption Methods - They are not equal

    • The classic "joint" or inhalation

    • Edibles

    • Topicals

  • 5

    Common Concerns about Cannabis for Wellness

    • Overview of Conditions Being Successfully Treated by Cannabis

    • What will people think of me if I use Cannabis for wellness??

    • Intoxication vs. Wellness

    • How to integrate Cannabis for Wellness into Real Life

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